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web design task as part of a job application?


When applying for a web designers role has anyone ever been asked to come in to perform a task in order to see your ability?

I have recently applied for a role and have been advised that the task will be split into a design task and code task.

Im not really sure what to expect and would be interested to know if anyone has ever been in this position?



Staff member
I've heard of it being done before although I'm always weary of 'doing work' for an interview as it's sometimes getting stuff done for free.

I would expect the test will be something along the lines of:
Design task will test creativity/artistic ability so likely a mockup or doing something in photoshop/similar.
Code will likely test your coding skills, could be any area of web dev really that you say you can do or they want you to do.


Staff member
It's usually by people that know what they're after. It screams 'get out of there!'.

However, if you go there and do the task and complete it and like the work then why not go for it.

Think of it as an opportunity to sample future work and also to interview them.
Never been asked by a prospective employer, but I have considered this once I have whittled down my candidates to 2 or 3 to see how they react under a stress situation. I see it more as how you handle yourself rather that how successful the task gets done.
However beware it might be someone looking for a job for free. Treat it as an experience but not the norm.
If you like the people & the type of task well maybe it could work out.