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Web Design Critique


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Hey guys/gals,

I'm making a website for a friend of mine who has a charity (primarily an orphanage) in Nepal and wanted some feedback on the design so far.

I also got a graphic design friend to do the logo so that's not set in stone yet. Also the fonts aren't set in stone either as I may not be able to use them on the project, so they may have to change. The heading line-height obviously needs to be changed but I'll get onto that once I know which fonts I'm working with.

Finally I realise that the top right section is pretty bare at the moment, I'll sort that at some point.

Any constructive criticism more than welcome.

Much appreciated,

I like it Fred and I actually like the header being how it is even with the white space. Personally I would make the right column smaller in width and increase the left column's width. With the picture header I would change it around slightly in that the red would be a grey/black with about 20-30% transparency to bring out the picture more and then make the Sponsor a child section red instead.


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Thanks Ben, I really appreciate the feedback.

I've made a tweak to the colour scheme and think it fits much better, links in with the logo too which is good. Feedback on that welcome.

I've not yet tweaked the column widths, but will try and find the right balance.

Updated design: [c&c always welcome]
Hi Fred,

I think the logo looks too much like a separate entity and not part of the design, but I guess you're still waiting for a final version? Perhaps hold off on the colour scheme until you have the final logo.

The layout is ok, but I'm wondering whether the creative direction is right? I like what you've done with the diagonal lines and boxes not being fully rectangular. But I think that you could take this much further and give it more of a humanitarian feel. It still looks a bit corporate, cold, and dull to me. A background with some subtle texture could work well perhaps and bring the rest of the design out a bit more. Maybe introduce some more organic elements and make it a bit more friendly looking?

Here's a few examples of charity websites that work well I think. They really get the humanitarian vibe and feel across imo. I know they're all Africa orientated but maybe you could do a bit of research on Nepal and introduce some elements that represent the style and culture of Nepal? Mountains, temples, monks, etc etc.

Africa Tour 2008

WISER — Live. Learn. Be.

Miracles in Africa

Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps in some way :)


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Hey Soren,

Thanks for the feedback really appreciated.

I understand the viewpoint of it looking too corporate and clean-cut, I'll have a look into what I can do to bring the 'Nepal' feel out through the design.

I'm not really sure what to do with getting the logo to flow with the design, as the colour of the logo can't really be changed unless the teardrop is lost, but I'll see what I can do, it's not perfect at the moment.

Again really appreciate the feedback.
I would agree with Soren on this one. It does have a slightly 'cold' and corporate feel. There isn't really any call to action either. What's the purpose of the site?

Does the charity focus on providing clean water? Or are there other connotations behind the logo? (I know you're not designing the logo but it's still relevant)

Although it seems you don't have any copy for this yet, I'd be tempted to have a lot less copy on the homepage and be a little more considered with it.

Like Soren says, a friendlier and more humanitarian approach would suite this site more.