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Web- Beginners sources/tutorials/guides

Hi Ya'll!

I am currently taking up a modulate in Web Design & Development and trying to master the world of Coding.
Although I am feeling very confident at making my first web site, I am more experienced with the Graphic Design side of things so please take into account i am only a beginner!
So how would you advise me to start off?
Magazines? Books? Online tutorials? Or any other sources any of you web designers out there found helpful as a beginner?

Please feel free to post any links this way



Active Member
Start with online tutorials, as Hippy says W3C has tons of guides and help.
Also look at some of the PSD > HTML/CSS tutorials as your confidence with the basics grows > From PSD to HTML: Building a Set of Website Designs Step by Step | Nettuts+

If you're using Firefox then grab the Firebug plugin, it lets you see the CSS associated with elements on websites with a simple right click (EDIT: for Windows users) really useful for seeing how other sites use CSS and how they structure their HTML/CSS elements. Make a habit of viewing page source and CSS using this tool (on decent sites) and you'll start to pick up little clues and ideas.

& post here if you get stuck I guess :)
I Agree with both Jo. research the inner workings of a site before jumping in and the books and the tut's will help of course. i have been a tutor i know what to look for feel free to PM me any time.
I suppose it depends on the person as to which approach they find easier when learning.
I learn more/easier by actual hands on experience and playing around with things, getting things wrong and finding out how to fix it rather than reading books.

I've also learnt ALOT from asking around on here. Very helpful forum which is always nice :)