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We need more members, please help!

Stationery Direct

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I'm really trying my best to get new users on to the forum, however, I am finding this VERY difficult.

I could do with some help pleeeeeeeeease. Those of you that have already registered if you happen to be members on other forums would you be so kind as to put a link in your signature back to us, hopefully this way others will join.

We're currently 4th on google uk for the search term "graphic design forum" which is pretty good and visitors are steadily increasing.

Many thanks

Yes, I will help you. I will add you on my signature in other forums. :icon_hug:
Hope more members will join..
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Ive linked to you guys from our business site. I like the forums but there are too many people asking to rate their business, tell them how good they are etc, rather than asking for tips, tools, inspiration etc. Maybe itll be worth starting the discussions in that way, steer the convos away from how good are you?
didnt mean i didnt like the forums, theyre cool, im posting and joining in all over, just might be an idea, get more people involved, other than look at this threads? Only joined a couple days ago and i like the place so im happy :D
I think it would be great if there was a specific place on GDF where everyone could receive feedback and a rating of their designs in there portfolios. I'm sure that would be really beneficial for all. Some designers are more advanced/experienced than others so they perhaps don't rely on receiving advice/feedback of their designs. I think most designers on this forum are looking for feedback and advice on their portfolios to improve their designs.


so its not just me that thinks that then?

i know theres meant to be specific areas for rating work etc, but if we start some threads about new things, new coding methods, new design ideas, new techniques, tutorials etc, that would get more people here, rather than just a load of freelancers tryin to get work. (get off youir asses n get a job :D) bloomin graphics designers!

Im working on some tutorials for another project, I can possibly send some over, start some threads that would eventually get people here in the first place, update things enough ad people would stay?

Ive seen vb flash chatrooms knocking about, these could be useful to get more friendly chats going, set times, not sure what we could talk about but you know what i mean..
I like the idea of live chats. We could do live crits of our designs as well as chat about tutorials and design in general.
People could put the best design they've done that week on display and everyone could comment on it. I think that would be very valuable. You can already do that on GDF though so I don't know if a live chat room would make a difference. You can access a lot of tutorials on the net so I don't know if that would be so popular on a live chat room. Most people just put the links to the tutorials on the site. It's worth considering having a live chatroom though.


i dont know about crits, thats what i think they should stay clear from, in all honesty im only one person but i dont want to just say well done to people, but help out, get help when needed, come up with new ideas. people fishing for compliments just annoy me to be honest. What do you think?

Stationery Direct

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Thanks for your views guys, greatly appreciated. :icon_thumbup:

The critique forums are a good way to get members to join and post, if we don't have them then people will still ask for feedback and if there aren't sections dedicated to this then they will be posted all over the place.

With regards to the chat room, there are many problems with this, the main one being that most things will just be discussed in there, this means new threads won't be posted as often. Any good advice given in the chat room will not be available on the forum as posts for anybody else to find at a later date....also, being a niche forum I just don't think there will be enough members online at any one time, not yet anyway, maybe something for the future.

The tutorials are a fantastic idea, again, the problem is time, everybody is busy running their own businesses and do not have the time for this, however, if you are creating some for another project then by all means please post them up. At present they can go in here for Website Design related and here for Graphic Design Related. If they prove popular and many in number then I could create a dedicated "Tutorials Forum" in the Software Section maybe, what do you think?? I don't want to create a dedicated forum for them just yet as I just don't see many contributing.
I prefer negative comments as it usually helps me as a designer to improve. I'm not looking for adulation!

I also agree that getting help and advice is great but I'm thinking of designers with some degree of experience that need to get to the next level. I work as a graphic designer in publishing but I'm looking to expand my freelance work to get more varied work in my portfolio as it's mainly book covers so I feel the need to get comments from fellow designers on GDF to improve my work and I'm sure other members on GDF have the same objective.