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WAVE: Secure Modular Bicycle Parking


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WAVE is a piece of tough bicycle parking which protects the bike from theft, vandalism, theft of parts and the elements. It is secured with the user’s own D-lock or padlock. It is constructed from galvanised steel and an expanded steel mesh and fibre glass composite, proving extremely tough and secure.

WAVE: Secure Modular Bicycle Parking on the Behance Network

Joe Mattley Product Designer for more of my work.

I appreciate any comments my work. I will be exhibiting at Creative Spark (Creative Spark Exhibition 2011 | Sheffield Hallam University) and New Designers (New Designers Part 1: 29 June - 2 July | Part 2: 6 - 9 July 2011)




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First off an intro wouldn't have gone a miss.

As to the design -
1) The design appears to be 'triangular' so why did you not design it so it could be fitted together with another one on the back. It would have only been slightly bigger than the current design but you'd have almost doubled the storage. As it stands now you are basically limited to sticking it against a wall or making it double thickness.

2) That front door is going to be heavy yet you don't appear to have utilised any system to aid in lifting it up.

3) Following on from above - it's going to be heavy when coming down too, if it falls on someone that could severely injure them especially a child.

4) You have to pick up your bike - older people will struggle with this.

5) It doesn't stop your bike from being completely vandalised, you've got so many holes in that front that any one with a spray can can point and spray. Your lower hole also allows for the lower tyres to be slashed.

Not sure how your tutors/you/other students missed those but they're pretty obvious considering it's intended purpose.

Now wonders if I'll get a reply due to it being end of year and graduates looking for jobs.......


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My apologises for not introducing myself (I am a little socially awkard in the digital word :()

These boards explain the design, badly. For the 'new' boards, the design is fully explained in a much better way, so there is a lack of confusion.

In answer to your comments as such, I'll follow the numbers to make it easy to read :)

1. The design isn't triangular, the design is back to back (the name WAVE comes from the shape of the design) bicycles enter back to back, I will have new renders up in the near future to show this. But, your explanation of what I should have done, is exactly what I have done (just poorly explained)

2. The door is on a spring system, so lifting it up will not be the problem. The 1 thing I would like to change about the design (if I could, I'm quite settled now) is using a gas strut rather then the spring. Again, this is poorly communicated.

3/4. I would love to have designed something to be used by children and elderly people, but sadly, with all product design, you cannot please everyone. But, a child shouldn't hit their head etc, the spring aims to spring back up rather then down (if that makes sense). So, what I'm saying is, that I'm going with if elderly people are riding around on bicycles, they are likely able to have the strength to use this system. As mentioned, you can't please everyone with design, if only it was that simple eh?

5. The holes will not be big enough for tyres to be slashed. As for cans of paint, I didn't think about that, but given that it's in a city/open space, someone should step in somewhere?

As for tutors/me/students missing them, the elderly thing has been mentioned a couple of times, but I decided that I can't please everyone with 1 design, 1 product, my tutors agreed with that and said to go down the route I have done. I did do a large amount of research with people who commute, ride bicycles often, and have experienced their bike being stolen or damaged. The boards just seem to explain things in a poor way.

Hopefully that explains it, it would seem I have communicated my design in a bad way. I have (hopefully) improved this in the display material which will be on display at Creative Spark 2011 and New Designers.

Many thanks for the comments however, it is much appreciated, time to return to running around making business cards and sorting out things for the Creative Spark which opens Friday! The work never stops..