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Want expert feedback for a real estate template design


This will be my first ever post on Design Forums. And on my very first day I would like to push myself towards critics.

I recently tried to build a website mock-up using valid xhtml with 960 Grid system. The site is design using css3 and includes jQuery. Well it is not going to work on IE and Opera. But rest are working pretty well. Here is the link: Website Template

I am looking for an expert suggestion from you or critics. Ohh by the way this template is free for all. I tried my best to put related comments which will help you understand the template format as well.

I will wait for your comments.



Staff member
opera from 9.5 (iirc) supports css3 but may need to use the relevent tag at the beginning in the same way like firefox and webkit does.

IE as much as most of us hate it, is still the primary browser used on the web so failing to cater for that is just poor when there are workarounds...

In regards to the design, if I'm honest it doesn't really do much for me, it needs some padding at the bottom so that the bottom is in the screen. You've got scaling issues, there's issues with colour's clashing and/or not working together.

And yes I know it's a template so it can be changed as we see fit but a template first needs to look appealing to the potential user.
Thanks Levi,

Yes you are right., There is a say "More you practices more you get better". this was my first ever try with CSS3/jQuery with 690 grid system..... couldn't do much really but trying to improve even more regarding these issues on my next release... on website template for iPhone/iPad apps.

hope to show it to you guys soon.