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Wallpaper print size 8.2m x 9.9m

Discussion in 'Printing & Print Design Forum:' started by Flux Creative, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Flux Creative

    Flux Creative New Member

    We need to print wallpaper for 820.00cm(h) x 990.00cm(w) wall size. The image file is only 240dpi at 41.00 x 28.00cm. Not sure if we can get good quality print at 1:4 ratio at 100dpi once we run it through rip. Printer is Roland VP-540, 4 colour digital print.

    Any idea how to get this image size print at acceptable quality for wall size that big? Any comments would help. Thank you.

  2. gprovan

    gprovan Member

    Really depends on the kind of image. If it's suitable to be vectorised you could Livetrace it in Illustrator and then it would be resolution independent.
    If you're using a mac and it's more of a bitmapped image, I use a little application called SmillaEnlarger which can interpolate the image quite nicely. There are other apps like this about too. Photoshop can do it too. Just enlarge the image size and use a suitable
  3. Pixels will be slightly over 2mm! You could try one of the Fractal upscalers, but I don't think you'll get anything suitable for close up. Choose a very high textured paper to start with... that'll get you halfway to acceptable.
  4. Flux Creative

    Flux Creative New Member

    Thanks guys. We have to use smooth finish. We use Photozoom pro and Perfect resize for enlarging and also Topaz labs denoise for cleaning. Viewabble distance will be about 4 m so it should be fine.
  5. ProjectPrint

    ProjectPrint New Member

    Wallpaper print

    Hi Peter, if you have trouble printing this we can digtially print wallpaper for you thanks Justin

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