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Wallpaper illustration


I haven't done barely any illustration work before, its just I love to draw, and I am trying to get more into illustration.

Ok, I don't know if you have heard of a music band called 'Get Cape Wear Cape Fly' well they are one of my favourite music bands, so I did a little illustration of the lead singer, and created a desktop wallpaper of it.

What do you all think, it doesn't quite look right the illustration colours, what does everyone else think?

Here is the wallpaper: http://craigfarrall.com/getcapewallpaper.png
There's a few different ways to approach this sort of thing.
1. Sketch out scan and work up as vector art.
2. Draw up line work with pen, scan and Multipy/colour up in Photoshop.
3. Draw directly in Photoshop.
4. Use paper and Mk1 pen pencils marks etc then scan.

I like your illustration maybe try to add more tone shadow/highlights. maybe more detail in face.
Did you sketch out first?

Keep at it Craig.
Thanks for your feedback @typo, its appreciated.

Ok first off, I drew the picture, took me a few goes, but then I become satisfied with the drawing. I would show you the sketch, but the image is at home, whereas I am at work, I will post it later.

I then, scanned it in, and opened up adobe illustrator (as I prefer it for this type of thing), and drew around it. And come up with this.

I agree totally about the shadows and highlights, and that is the one thing I don't like about this, is fact it doesn't have this, but it is definately my weak point in the illustration process I would say, decided where the light bits are, and dark bits.
Light and darks. Think light source(s) and keep to it as you draw it up.
If I were you I'd work in Photoshop to practice first.

Or just scribble with a pencil.


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To say you don't do much illustration I think you've done a rather good job.
As Mr. Hogg say's it will really benefit from some shading/highlights. I start with the shading and try to imagine the light coming from top right so the shadow would be on the bottom left.
Also if you make the nose and mouth a little stronger and maybe add a few highlights especially to the hair then I think it will make all the difference.
Thanks Scotty that's the fist time someone has called me my actual name on the forum.
Good advice though Craig, looking forward to seeing how it goes.


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Thats a cool wallpaper, One that I would not mind having on my screen. But yer only little things really, you can make it stand out a million times more with some shadows, and highlights. Ud be amazed at how much they can effect your design, giving it more depth and detail.

The fact that you dont do much illustration is a crazy thought, you obv enjoy it or have skills so keep working at it and look forward to seeing your work in the future!! :D


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Nice work!
I actually like your illustration without flat colours with little shading etc-
however you should try some of the vector tutorial sites for more tips- they really do help
these are three of the ones I like:

good tutorials

Good luck- and stick at it- you're off to a really good start!

Pink Pig