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Got nothing against Wales, My aunt was from Cardiff, she and her sister Menai took a young boy who lived in their street to their local social club to sing. That was certain young Tom Jones.


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Is every family member of yours lesser known, but very wise and full of worth, Master Berry? (ha, that almost sounded like masturbate)

My family are boring compared to yours. My nan lives in Anglesey, Bangor, and she has a husband. She bought up four kids. And that's it.


small world Berry... my brothers wife's family owned the social club that Tom Jones used to sing at in Cardiff.. now they own hotels etc they're good friends with Anthony Hopkins etc :)


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She wasn't my REAL aunt, she lived upstairs from me when i was i kid we called her Aunt, but i ended up living with her for 15 odd years till her death. So she counts as the Berry family.


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Nik said:
I went to wales once... it was as bad as my holiday in somerset. worst. holiday. ever.

rain, mud, hills. not fun.
i feel tempted to take a photo out of my window, sun, sun, sun!