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vote please!


Senior Member
guys... really need your help.

part of UKYP (United Kingdom Youth Parliament), I need you to vote for Hannah Warwick at MyVotes ... all you need to do is press vote, get a unique user identification number, and then put it in the form.

When it asks for the school, just put any at all, just make sure it's not the first one :D

Greatly appreciated!


Senior Member
errr well basically... im trying to help students in west midlands get cheaper travel, more places to work, better careers advice and other things, but doing it through Hannah Warwick. if she doesn't win then we get people saying "more bins" and all that, which sucks TBH.


i put that together to help here, so that might be connected to design, and a forum, if you needed that link :D

sorry if it's another idiot thread from me, just need some help!


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Wow Tim, I'm struggling on my 17" macbook to view this, I"ll see if I can view it on my 42" Plasma!

You must have the hots for her to post it this big!


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well you know their policies...

anywho... it was just some skank effort because I'm on her campaign team, and we need her in the top five to get elected.