VizionThree Branding


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Silver Firefly said:
That doesn't work for me. The one I did makes the "3" stand out but it's balanced. When I move the "3" down, it looks unbalanced.

The "z" that Greg did looks like a distorted "3" and the distortion is what I'm trying to avoid. So I'm using a normal "3" but with the flat top as you can see
I understand where you're coming from, but as Berry said you'll probably need to create a unique '3' in Illustrator, as otherwise using the '3' as it is won't sit in the right place or will look bad distorted. Drop me a PM if you want a hand in Illustrator to try and create it, or I think Ken mentioned he would be able to help with Illy earlier in the thread :)


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Greg's was distorted but it worked. It will need to be distorted, as the top half will need to look like a z, and 3's don't normally do that.
Fred, if you look carefully the "3" I used looks like a "z", in fact it's similar to Greg's without the distortion. But I am willing to play around with it to see whether it would work by recreating the "3" in Illustrator. But I'll need some help with Illustrator because I'm hopeless with it.


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Something like this perhaps...
(Still needs some work on spacing and the curve on the tail of the 3)

Just e-mailing you the AI file ;)
HTH, Greg
Thanks Greg. I've received it. I've just learned that I need to create outlines for the text to be able to edit each letter etc. That was after some head scratching and wondering why I couldn't edit the "3". Like I said, I'm still likely to go with what I did, but after looking at the "3" that you did, I had a bit of an idea - making the tail of the "3" join up with the "i" before it. I'll try to recreate that and put it up for you guys to see.

Just showing the "3" joined up with the "i" but I still think the one I did is best imo.

Thanks for all your help. It's much appreciated. :)
Just thought I'd let you guys know, I've got the new logo up on my Twitter page, and a fellow tweep really dug the design and the "3." I didn't want to take all the credit, so I just wanted to let you guys know as a way of saying thanks.


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Good to hear/read Gemma, glad you got to something you're happy with, and don't forget to invite any design contacts along to Design Forums if you get the chance :)