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Vintage Milk Bottles


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I was recently going through my mum's garage and found 3 boxes of vintage milk bottles. They're the ones from the 70's and 80's, back when they were used for advertising as well. I've got about 70 of them, with adverts for various companies, Cadburys, Cornflakes, Mars, KitKat etc...

Not really sure what to do with them or if they're worth any money etc..

Any ideas?


A chum of mine - his wife used to collect and deal them on ebay - he said she made quite a lot - strange but true. Maybe you have some unusual ones? Worth a try (ebay) if you don't want them.

Surprised me at the time - folk collecting milk bottles.


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Cheers for that. I mean if it were a regular milk bottle I guess my mum, or I infact, wouldn't have been interested. But the graphics on the side of them look awesome. I might use a few as flower holders around the kitchen or something.

Looking around on some websites, people are selling them for £5-£8 each. I could make a few hundred pound out of them.


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Yea fair enough. Tell you what. Send me over some prices for print on canvas and uncoated paper. A3 and A2. Full colour. I just got the notification of the message you just sent whilst typing this re:printing!