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Video Production Logo improvements?


First time poster here. I am setting up a new video production company and have a simple logo I created in Ai. I'm happy with the concept and the general idea of the logo but it certainly is missing the "professional" look to it which I realise I can only get from a professional. I would love to hear any suggestions as to what might make it look a bit more eye-catching/impressive.

If there's anyone who might be interested in taking it on as a job to smarten it up a bit (paid of course!!) then I'd be really interested in hearing from you regarding price and to perhaps see some of your previous work.

Otherwise, any general advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys

18 Deg Logo 15.jpg
It's a great start! I wouldn't necessarily say it doesn't look professional. Could you give us more info on the company, your process to get to where you are with the logo, what your initial ideas were and what you set out to do?