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Video presentation on a site


Senior Member
What is the preferred medium?

I'm wrestling with 3 mains:

1. Youtube (obviously)
2. Vimeo
3. Custom flash player.

The stand alone Youtube player looks a bit crappy, and thanks to the infiltration of ads in their videos, really gets my back up.

Vimeo, looks good, but I have little or no experience with it.

Custom falsh player, I don't know whether this will add to the work load unnecessarily, and will it really add a great deal? I intend to build the width of the site/email (I know) around the video, so I can image problems balancing quality with a custom.

This is for a website for my parents band, they have just spent a small fortune on a promotional video to publicise what they do, so the whole site has to be built around it.

Litterally, menu at the top, big vid, then text space.

If their is something I haven't considered, please school me brethren!


hmmm I was using a flash video on my site... think i might have to try vimeo instead if it is supported better :(