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Video, NEW 2014 Intro for 'Zey The Mouse' and Friends!!

Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by doogle2020, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. doogle2020

    doogle2020 Member

    Hi, all

    I would like to share the new 2014 intro of zey!!, it has a 70's/80's feel to it!! I'm using stop-motion pro 7
    and currently filming the 1st episode and am so excited about carrying it through!!

    Target audience 3 to 5 yrs, i hope you enjoy? :)

  2. doogle2020

    doogle2020 Member

    Hi, all. I have re-edited the video, as i have fixed several errors!, the clip is now at it's best! :)

    The characters now have colour backgrounds, the grid's squares move faster and the red logo no longer flickers etc!!

  3. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    I like it. It really does have that 70s 'Oliver Postgate-esque' feel to it. Even the little piano tune is spot on.
  4. doogle2020

    doogle2020 Member

    Thanks, ive not heard of the 70s 'Oliver Postgate-esque', i will have a look on the net for this!! :)
  5. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    You do stop animation and you have never heard of Oliver Postgate??!! Or am I just really old...?
  6. lucy

    lucy Member

    I agree, Clangers, Bagpuss etc. It really captures that sense of nostalgia. Thanks for sharing
    doogle2020 likes this.

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