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Video as main feature on home page?

So I have seen many top quality websites with very persuasive and involving videos - I found this one: http://www.hermanmiller.com/microsites/whydesign/02/index.html
I know it's not graphic design, but you see what I mean.
You would never read everything that was said in the video... but you would happily watch the video. I would love to do this on my new site... maybe! Although, i'd prefer staying away from the stereotypical video sharing sites (ie: youtube) maybe going with some alternative. Not sure.
Anyone have any experience using/not using this?


Staff member
Video on a website... easiest option embed youtube/vimeo etc
slightly more time consuming to set up... encode video (slow) into the following formats and then embed them into your site using html5 video and flash fallback :)
good read here but basically you will need
h264 video with aac or mp3 audio wrapped up in mp4 container - this covers ie9+, safari, newer firefox, android, iOs, windows phone 8 (iirc) etc
WebM using vp8 encoding + vorbis audio - chrome and firefox iirc
ogg Theora with Vorbis audio - firefox, opera
flash video - you can use one of several players out there or create your own like in the link underneath this
And how do you add this all you may ask.... it's fun :)
I've got to do this for videos on my site when I get there, it's a royal pita as the re-encode time is not exactly quick for webm, ogg vorbis, h264 isn't too bad though.