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Vbulletin Customisation


Junior Member
Hey All,

Hope everyone is having a nice tuesday evening and not working too hard :p

So as i was saying in my introductions post, I am a developer and not a designer, and dabble in graphic design, as in a know a little bit but not a lot.

My business is sponsoring a forum, by providing hosting, the design and support and admin.

I am currently working on the vbulletin theme at the minute and have successfully managed to change my home page into the layout I want, which i quite like. I've had feedback as well and other people like it too which is good as it's my first website layout without professional graphics help :D

I'm not quite ready yet to post the url as it's not going live for another week.

What i was loooking for was some help with the vbulletin templates. I noticed that Greg has made his left column customisations appear on everypage.

Right now my problem is I have modified the forumhome template to how i want it, but go to any other page and it hasn't worked.

I have put the forums ie the list of topics in a div floated left, and a right column containing the login box, stats and adverts, and it works fine (except for google chrome which is turning into a pain in the bum)

My header and footer are on every page as i want but nothing else appears.

Now i have realised the forumhome is only the home page but that's as far as I have got.

Can someone point me in the right direction to have every page look like my home page? What templats am I looking for? Is there a master template that effects each page?

I'm baffled by it and the support and the vbulletin forum seems to be uninterested in helping me, so I am hoping some kind soul here will give me a nudge in the right direction :)

As soon as its live or ready for pubic viewing I'll post a link to it.

Thanks in advance



Active Member
Hi Tom,

To get you started take a look at the actual vB documents if you haven't done already, all the templates and the way they work are explained here: vBulletin Manual - Templates

If you're looking to add a sidebar to every section of the site you may actually find it easier to use a plugin for vBulletin called Ultimate Side Columns, available here: Ultimate Side Columns 2.2 - vBulletin.org Forum

You'll notice that the sidebar just appears on the forum home page and forum pages but not in the thread view on Design Forums, and as such this has been custom coded. You should find having the sidebar on all pages a lot easier by using the plugin I mentioned above.

Hope that helps as a starting point, and let us know how you get on :)


Junior Member
Hey greg,

Thank for the link to the vbulletin manual and templates seciton, i found that before and didn't find it very useful, there doesn't seem to be a place where they describe what each template is.

I found the side columns code and it did what i wanted straight away, until i wanted to move the login box and forum stats into a right column and it will now not show up. It says that support has been added for conditionals so that you can put the login box in it but it just ain't happening for me.

Don't suppose you've got any thoughts?

Thanks for the pointers though.



Active Member
Hi Tom,

It should let you move the login box into the side column, I take it you've edited the Ultimate Side Column template (USC_Column_Right) or similar in the 'Styles & Templates > Your Style > Edit Templates' section of the vB admin?

If you PM the URL I'll take a look for you :)
Cheers, Greg