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V. Stanev - vectoranvil

Hi everybody,
My name is Vasil, I come from Bulgaria, a currently ( 2007 ) joined member of the EU.
I have a Master's Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication. My design experience encompasses traditional media, basic animation, basic 3D, both raster and vector design, typography, calligraphy.

My main work horse is Adobe Illustrator, however I mastered Corel as well. Photoshop has always been too vast for me to master it completely.

I come here in search of more civilized discourse, since I've been appalled by the rudeness of Bulgarian and Russian design boards. I'm also a freelancer in search of serious clients.

You may view projects of mine @

Vasil Stanev on the Behance Network

I'm an art - junkie, scholar of Art History, recovering warcraft-a-holic, and much more. My favorite movies include the original Star wars Trilogy ( especially Empire ), Koyaanisqatsi, Citizen Kane, Voina i Mir, The Incredibles, and other.

I hope I can contribute to the forum and have fun. :)