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Using Wix

A client has come to us requesting a website. more than happy to oblige. However the client has already obtained a subscription through Wix.....(I know of the reasons to not use Wix and similar WYSIWYG editors)

So my question is can I tap into the collective experience of the board for any tips or tricks when building a site in Wix for a client?

Thank you!


Well-Known Member
Yeah, don't. The fact that your client has already obtained a subscription through Wix is no reason to use them. I'm pretty sure their subscriptions are fairly cheap, as you know, you get what you pay for and all that, so it's not like he/she would have lost their life savings. They'll be saving money in the long run by hiring you not to use Wix for reasons I'm sure you already know.

Just to add, it's kind of strange they would hire a designer to build them a site through a web builder that a 5 year old could use.