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Using this place because twitter only gives me 140 characters...


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Hello everyone,

Just had some bad news with my results for my degree and wont be getting on to the masters like planned. Now I dont know what to do, I dont even like my degree (Mechanical Engineering at Cardiff) but at least the masters had some enjoyable modules and would give me a nice shiney certificate with lots of opportunities at the end.

So I have some life decisions to make and am going to ask a bunch of random strangers their opinions on what I should do :) haha

I'm going to complete my final year on this degree, £20k down the drain otherwise, but then what should I do? try to find a masters I want to complete in the south wales area? Try to find some design work? (Which in the end I want to be involved in) Try to get some education in design / web based / more education (you get the idea)? Or just be a bum :D

Feeling pretty crap about it. let myself down this year and its hit me quite hard.



I personally would try to find some work and also do some design education in the evenings :) that way you can earn and start to pay things off and do something you love..


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That sounds like a pretty sound idea. Find any work I can then try and find design work (might be difficult, I'm honestly not sure), while getting an education in it in the evenings.

And I think building a portfolio over the next year (while still obtaining a 2.1 in my degree) would be the best plan aswell... Fun fun ;o)


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Or just be a bum :D
always a good plan.

otherwise, as chris said, teach yourself (i sacrificed my gcses to learn CS4 and certain techniques design-wise) or get access to somewhere you can get taught.

i'm not promoting apple here for the hell of it, but maybe think of applying for the new store in cardiff? they give you lots of ways forwards, and it gives you a hell of a lot of fun (+ pay) if you have nothing lese to do.

also, as an apple employee you get free software or stuff off, plus access to lynda tutorials (for CS3/4 or Quark, or even just normal apps), so you can get taught outside of working at apple how to use programs etc successfully + get paid well in the mean time.


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Well I have another year before I start looking for work, but will keep that in mind tim, sounds really good.

Just got to build my portfolio + learn all I can in the next year :)


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doing a masters, right this has become the bain of several of my friends (and my own) lives.

what does it actually achieve? a bit more time in uni? a fair old chunk of change missing from your wallet?

Over the the last 4 years I have seen my ex girlfriend, ex housemate, best friend, myself, a fair few others end up in a strangely arkward position because we all have masters in our respective fields. The funny, no wait ridiculous thing is, it seems to some employers you are over/too specifically qualified for entry level jobs, and then lack the experience to come in at the next level up because you made the decision to stay in uni!

I'm not going to lie about this, I don't think mine has stood me in any better position in my life as a designer. As a designer, it seems work/experience can be seen as far more valueable.

Perhaps this is an opportunity for the ever wise Mr B, or any other employers for that matter to disagree with me, but this has been my experience regardless.

Oh yeah, don't get down on yourself, there is always a bright side and a 2.1 in a degree is nothing to be ashamed of!


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Thanks for your experience and wise words, I've been told over and over that a Bachelors in engineering rather than a masters or a bachelors + experience is pretty subpar for getting a job in engineering, but havent really thought about the fact I dont want to be in Engineering so whats the point in staying that extra year.

Hopefully I will land on my feet, quite a few people at the gatekeeper themselves are going into freelance design of one form or another, so hopefully can get some pointers off them before they bugger off.



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the amount of people who work in pubs and bars who are killing time till what they want to do takes over is ridiculous! I know i'm one of them!
it's upsetting to find yourself stuck in a degree that you absolutely hate. Mechanical..........blah blah! I guess there ain't no girls in your lectures, also you must be around 10 to 15 in a class and a boring degree. I found myself doing ICT and i was frustrated but i carried on and ended up with a 2:1 but i swore i will never go to school again! I will rather take up unpaid work just for experience + be an unpaid apprentice. It's very good to have a degree with a lot of experience than degree + master with little or no experience.
My advice is, do what makes you feel good and learn about something that gives you that drive and motivation.


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I dont absolutely hate it, just not the degree I Want to be doing. Theres about 10-15 girls and about 150-300 (depending on the lecture and the time of day) people... so abit more than you suggested. Unpaid work is all good and well, but got to pay bills some how... and would need it to be taught work :)

Thanks for the advice :D