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Using Klout?

Its supposed to give offer 'perks' which others wouldn't normally get based on how 'popular' you are... but that only happens if you are way above average.

I find it interesting to see the stats behind the score.
Never heard of this before, but I've linked it to my Twitter so we'll see whether it helps or not.

Can't seem to connect it to my FB business page, though. :angry:

Looking through the topics though it'd be nice if there were more narrowed down options, I think I'd have to put a bit of time into scrolling through loads of stuff to find something papercutting related that I can share.

Sean Lee-Amies

Actually I signed up to this a little while ago but it feels like to get anywhere you need to produce lots of lengthy/detailed content. I haven't done much with it really.
I use Klout and think it's great.

I actually have a score of 61, which apparently puts me in the top 10% of Twitter users. Not the company account, by the way.