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Using design for the greater good, and to travel with?

Evening everyone, I'll just head straight into this one...

I work for one of the bigger digital marketing agencies in the north - we have massive clients and lots of money comes through. It's the type of place you would think anyone at my stage in their career would be happy to work for.

However, to be honest I'm starting to get sick of the types of folks that work there. As in most agencies, there is a 'whoever shouts loudest' mentality going on. Shouters get their often **** ideas put forward (even if that isn't their job), get what they want out of the workers who have to produce the **** (even if that means more work for you), and get paid more.

It's no good for representing the quality of work produced, or the team as a whole. The solution for me is easy. Move on. I have made plans for the future to downsize agencies. Somewhere with ideals that maintain integrity for the staff, creativity, and work produced.


HOWEVER, before I fling myself out that security, I wouldn't mind doing a spot of traveling for a while. I have travelled the east and lived in another westernized country. I could easily use my skill set in the westernized place to earn money ( I do digital design, video FX, illustration and a little web development).

But, this time I want to help people. Seems a shame to be digging a well seeing as though I can do all this stuff. Is there a way of putting it to use, Without actually just designing bits for free in a bedroom in England?

I could teach maybe, but who needs Photoshop or Flash in a place where you may need English taught as a foreign language. I've tried looking at workshops in the UK where I can help out kids who may want to have a go at design. There's loads of film and photography ones, but nothing specific or challenging. Also, they all seem to be part of a program for a big charity that isn't open to just anyone. Besides it's the UK.

Any thoughts on this? Am I barking up the wrong tree wanting to use using private sector skills in the public sector AND in another country? Just putting this out there. Has anyone got examples in which they have managed to HELP people using design?


Thanks in advance for any replies


Senior Member
There are loads of internship schemes that you could get on, whilst they vary from free, unpaid with expenses, unpaid + expenses - flights....

As to getting a job, your best bet would be head out of TEFL thing and then once you have a better grasp on things try applying for a job.

I am in Italy at the moment, the alphabet is still the same, I've studied similar new latin languages and I still feel out of my depth. I would dread to think what it would be like if you were in the east where you are changing to a symbolic language!