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US shopping at UK online Stores


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Hi Guys,

I am working on a new project for a client that contains a shopping cart. The client is asking if people from the US can buy on the site as well but i'm not sure how this works? Can a user from the US simply log on to the site and pay using a visa card?

I know obviously people from the UK can logon to amazon.com and simply buy a product using a UK debit/credit card does this work the same way? The shopping cart does support all major cards including american express.


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I'd assume that as long as the card is supported with the payment processor, and that the ecommerce setup you're using can handle multiple currency transactions, then yes.

What system/shopping cart are you building the site on Glen?


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Simple answer yes.

Bets way is to either have all prices in one currency, then the payment processor (SagePay, Worldpay, Paypal) etc.... handle the exchange rate and currency payment.

We ship to all worldwide address's on Flexifoil and thats how we do it.

If the system allows multiple currency than great BUT not a good idea if exchange rate varies as the Client will loose out which is why its best to have all in GBP then payment handle rest.


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Do you offer currency exchange rates info on the site Craig?
Or, let the visitor check that info themselves, or when they go to checkout?


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At the moment all prices in GBP, no info on exchange rates, but very clear on Delivery rates and that we ship worldwide!

So then upto customer to look for exchange rates as these vary so much!