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Urgent InDesign Help


Senior Member
Anyone know how to scale an InDesign document down but keep all of the page elements in proportion?

Ive got a 60 page catalogue that needs to be reduced by 6%, when I change the document size obviously the page content then spills over the edges so I need a quick way of doing it that scales everything down in proportion.

Help please! Anyone!!


Staff member
I'll be honest I don't really use indesign a great deal.... but does it need to be edittable?

If not a quick and dirty option would be to make a custom sized pdf which is 'resized' or printed at 94% of the original.

I just had a quick look at indesign (remember I don't really use it) and there was 'liquid layout' (in layout menu) which has the option to scale the content and then you just adjust the page size on the top bar dimensions. Not sure if that might do what you need :)

edit: beaten by a few seconds grrr but at least I know I was in the right direction :)


Senior Member
yeah thats my backup plan, the printer only wants a hires PDF to print from, but theyve asked for the packaged indesign files just in case there are any issues with the file so really that needs to be the correct size too, Im on with it now, ill let you know what happens, thanks guys


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Hmm, that didnt work guys.
There is a bit more to this than I first mentioned...

For some reason when I check the Document set up it tells me the page size is 205x257mm which is what I want it to be.
However, when I draw a box over a page the box shows that the page is actually 217x272mm and I cant work out why!

Even when I repeatedly check the page size in document setting it assures me its 205x257mm(the correct size) but it isnt!!

Im kinda stuck!


Senior Member
Not sure if its relevant but the document is set up as spreads, so a single page is 205x257 but as a spread should be 410x257.

For whatever reason it is telling me a single page is 217x272, so a spread is 434x257.


Senior Member
doesnt seem to be Levi, the larger size it is displaying at is weirdly still in proportion, works out about 6% bigger than it should be.

it ends up being 12mm wider and 15mm deeper that the page says it actually is, if it was a bleed thing you would expect it to be 6mm wider and deeper to take into account the 3mm bleed on each side


Sorry to say Dave there is no way of automating it.. the only thing you can do is the following:

1. Amend the size of the document to the size it needs to be.
2. Go to each page and select all.
3. Object > Tranform > Scale by the uniform percentage of the increase or decrease, you may have to nudge things slightly to get them into place if its to an odd scale.
4. Alt + Ctrl + 4 will repeat the transformation for each page.

I hope that helps?


Senior Member
Thanks Chris, the deadline was so tight the job had to go to the printer in the end as a reduced size PDF, hopefully there are no issues! The problem was only spotted this morning, I have no idea how its happened but its really strange.

Its a catalogue I do every year for the same client so I actually used last years artwork to start off the job with (it already had style sheets/master pages etc setup) so I really dont understand what happened.

Thanks tho for all who offered me help and advice, I havent been around here much lately so I felt guilt jumping straight back in with an urgent question but it just proves what a great community DF can be!