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urgent film opinions needed! lol


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anyone seen the unborn or the internationals? it's my birthday party tmrw, and half are saying internationals, half are saying the unborn.

now im leaning towards the internationals, for the pure fact it's got waaay better reviews than any other film out at the moment, and it contains good actors, not unknown actors who get paid for standing around in their underwear (although i must admit, i do like the nakedness).

seen either? views on any?


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The Unborn and The International are SHOCKING. The International builds up the tension (pretty pathetically actually) and then instead of clarifying the story, it's the black screen of death, and the rest of the plot is explained in the bloody credits. If I wanted to read a film I wouldn't go to a flippin cinema!


Depends if you like horror films or not really... The Unborn is very much trying to be like The Exorcist kinda thing.
What about The Unborn? Why was that so bad? Wasn't Gary Oldman in it? Didn't that make it massively better? Was he pretty hot? Thanks.


I honestly didn't re-ask this.. It seems to have "double posted" it after Chris' post.. Sorry

edit 2----

I'm not actually this pushy, not massively anyway


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Errmmm... Five questions.

1) Crap. first 20 mins was lead in underwear
2) 80 mins of utter non-scary sh*te. Just "i'm wwaaatchinng youu" from random "dead" kids, occassionally.
3) Dunno who that is
4) It was sh*te, the teletubbies would've made it better
5) What? Teletubbies? Nah.
Anyone seen Watchmen yet? Any readers of the book? Opinions...

I thought it was bloody great, and Patrick Wilson.. HELLO! - Yeah, that's my review.