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hey guys,

another thread comes to my mind...

any of you guys got ubiquity installed? it's amazing- the most simple add-on for firefox ever, yet probably the most useful.

You can post twitter status' remotely, along with facebook status', define words, attach maps to emails, search in google, amazon and youtube in one pane, add appointments to iCal or whatever you use, all without actually opening the website/application.

There's no real limit either, as you can create your own commands to post, search, define, whatever, on your favourite websites.

and then... if you open up twitter...


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not so good at the explaining, am i. lol

basically, without even opening an app/website, you can post to blogs, update status', define words, search through websites, add maps to stuff, check your emails, just by using one command. have a watch of the video yourself if you don't get it :D

Mozilla Labs Blog Archive Introducing Ubiquity


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I dunno if that's a good smiley thingy, or a bad 'un, so I'm going to perceive it as good.

It's made everything so easy for me at least, there's no fussing around waiting for websites to load, it just does it.

Ubiquity has expanded way more than the first video shows though, it was a smaller project in 2008.