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typography in childrens books

hi i was just wondering what you thought as the best dort of font for a childrens book? or if you thought any were beneficial to a child learning to read


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it depends on the context of it all

how many words are there on a page?

thin or thick font?

age range?

my mom was once a teacher and she used arial and comic sans (although i hate to say it) in size 32 upwards or something like that.


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Something big and clear with a reasonable weight - Helvetica Rounded or VAG Rounded might work nice, clear yet the rounded makes it a little more 'friendly'


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you want to get hold of sassoon primary (infant and type), it's what is used in most primary schools. I'm forever having to knock out quick posters etc for my Mum using the font as she's sen at a school. :)

As mentioned by tim, comic sans is also used a fair bit but luckily I don't have to as I've got sassoon :)
Depending on the amount of copy I quite like to hand do the text.
Yes it can take a bit of time but it's much better for putting life into the words.
Give it a go.
Lucy Cousins who does the Maisy books created her own font from her own handwriting (it's registered to her too) but as Harry said large clear sans like the Mr Men books