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Type - Wallpaper.


Active Member
Very nice, i have it as my desktop pic - so hurry up and finish off the Lorum Ipsum!

Nice site too, clean and simple - why isn't your branding consistant on it?

Regarding the typography - just a few points ( and picas)
1. The overall kerning and style set of the word is defined by the the letters 'y' and 'p' and 'h' and 'y' This is because of the shape created between a vertical and angled decender. Concentrate on the shape inbetween the letters that this creates. this shape dictates the balance of the kerning. therefore if that is the starting point then work and nudge the kerning from these key character out.
2. The letters 'T" and y' are too tight, nudge.
3. the letters 'g' and 'r' need a nudge
4. the letters 'r' and 'a' need a nudge too
5. You have 4 different horizontal alignments from the words 'stem to acender' make it one or two levels only.

It's all minor fine tuning, and hard to describe fully without physically showing you. But a good job though.


Senior Member
Hi Berry.

Thanks for the feedback on the site, but I cant take the credit for the site design, its a wordpress theme. branding not consistent because at the moment I don't have the budget to invest in a web designer. I'm a print based designer.

Ive made the kerning edits. Ill update site with new wallpaper asap.

.5) im confused, what your trying to explain...

Anyway Thanks Berry..for feedback and suggestions.