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Twitter Backgrounds


Junior Member
Does anyone know how to center align a background image on Twitter?

The options on Twitter are pretty basic only allowing you to upload an image and set it to repeat or not.

I was hoping to display client's details on either side of the twitter feed.


Junior Member
nope, the only thing you can do is upload a background image then a check box asking to tile it.

the only problem with that is that it positions the image at the top left of the web page (which would be obvious). As I'm using it to display client contact details, on smaller screens it may not be visible. I was hoping by centering the background image i could have information on either side of the feed box.
Nope you can't, and it's a real pain when it comes to backgrounds because each person has a different screen resolution, so realistically you should only use the left side of the screen (if text/info about you, for example)