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I'd be curious to know if anyone has used Tumblr too.

If your considering moving your blog you should definately host it yourself. Wordpress and text pattern are defo worth considering.


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well to be honest im quite happy as it is at the moment, its basic, but it does the trick for now, but then my friend told me that tumblr is the place to be, and blogs are so 2009! so i wondered what all the fuss is about! it just looks like a blog with more features to me really.
Dreamboy69Xx Cam
I used to have / use tumblr. It's decent, personally i like it more than blogger. The layout was always better in my opinion. I also found it slightly easier to use.

I would show you it, but for some reason it wont recognise my email to login. Even on forgot password. But ah well.

Theres plenty of tumblrs out there to look at.

For example:
inspire me now
Clients From Hell

And yes, hosting them yourself is always a good idea. That way you can edit / create your own wordpress layout / theme. If your using wordpress that is. You have more control.

I decided to remake mine. As i found my old one but it was from when i used to code in Perl and Python, has some crappy proxy checkers, irc bots etc. The usual rubbish.


The good thing i found is, when you set to upload an actual picture. It sizes it to fit your theme :D Superb!
Oh, and if you buy a domain you can hook your domain to your tumblr.

If only there was a downloadable version of tumblr i would use it straight away!
Yeah, it is really easy to use. I think i may use it more now as the layout i installed is pretty decent for showing work. Has my latest tweets too, and also sends my posts to twitter.

Other than that, like i said it would be ace if they made it into an open source project like wordpress. I would deffo use it!