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Trying to think of how to start this thread without using the word...

...HELLO! :lol:

My name is Tom and I am a much frustrated teacher who is plotting his escape for a job in the creative industries. I am curently in the process of putting together a portfolio complete with obligatory stressing over the cureent quality/quantity of my work!


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Hey Tom,

Already said hi to you in another thread I think, but hi again! and welcome to Design Forums (officially ;)). As Lee mentioned above post your portfolio up and I'm sure you'll get some honest and helpful comments.

Cheers for the welcome guys! Seems a nice place this, not like some forums I have been on, not naming names!

Unfortunately I don't have a great deal of work to show right now, but I'll be sure to stick some up when I do!

Oh and FWIW I teach Film, Media & ICT