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Trying to make a link look nice...

Hi guys, I'm really new to learning HTML and i'm trying to link my wordpress blog to my website.
I can do the standard link but its looks really boring and really tacky. Is there anyway i can do it using an image or a nice font. Im just using a one&one site where you upload everything yourself, its pretty crap, need a new site done really :mad:
Yea mate i had already been on those sites and tried but it could not get it to work correct. there would be a link with a missing image, so i'm going wrong somewhere along the line but not sure where. The link works but there's a broken image...

Sorry it's just when most people on forums say check google there is usually some sarcasm involved.


Active Member
Ok, so if your image is not showing, have you checked the following.

1. The image you want to use has been uploaded to your webspace?
2. The image you want to use has been referenced correctly in your html?

if the above don't help, post the url here so we can take a look see.



Junior Member
a.someclassnamehere { background: url (/images/image.png) no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent; text-indent: -9999px; }

Assigning a class to the link, indenting the links text in CSS and then assigning a background image always work