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Trouble with logo resizing

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum:' started by Vanessa, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Vanessa

    Vanessa Member

    Hello All,

    It's been a while since I've posted, but after a bit of a hiatus I'm starting back up my graphic design pursuit so here I am again!

    I'm hoping someone can give some advice about the best size to supply logos in and which format. I created the attached for a client, and have provided 12 versions (varying from B&W / W&B / filled shapes / portrait options). My problem is, I have provided these in both JPEGs and PNGs format, at 300dpi and 72dpi (so now a whopping 24 files!) but the client is finding when putting the files into powerpoint, or other documents and resizing (mostly scaling down), the lines in the hexagon get all blurry all distorted. I can't understand why as I created in Illustrator, so that as a vector, re-sizing wouldn't be an issue... or so I thought!

    I don't really want to keep re-sizing in Illustrator to each size the client needs and then repeat for all 24 files each time, so is there anything else I can do to let them alter sizing without the lines within the hexagon getting distorted? I've tried simply scaling down to 50% and 25% and saving the files, but it still doesn't look right if the client then tries to re-size again their end.

    I'm at a complete loss, as this has never been an issue with the other logos I've created, so not sure why the JPEGs aren't just scaling up and down nicely - is it that the lines are simply too fine to ever re-size propertly outside of Illustrator?

    Hope someone can help! Thanks, Vanessa

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  2. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    I don't think there's much that can be done, even at hi-res the lines look pretty delicate, When they're added into Powerpoint and scaled down you'll get pixelation just simply because that's the nature of screens. I've also had problems with clients complaining of pixelation simply because their screen isn't as high quality as mine.

    I don't think Powerpoint supports SVG but you could maybe try exporting/converting to EMF and see if that works?
  3. Vanessa

    Vanessa Member

    Oooh, EMF - that's a new one on me! Thanks Paul, I thought it might be the case that it's purely down to the intricacy of the design! (At least that's what I hoped, and not just me missing something crucial!)

    I'll give that a go - if that's no good, I might make the lines a bit thicker and see if that solves the problem and just break it to the client that we need to 'bulk up' a little.

    Fingers crossed :)
  4. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    Honestly, that design is never really going to scale well outside of vector. With the hundreds of different resolutions that can be used these days there will always be a compromise with an onscreen presentation.
    I normally try to get as much info about their presentation set up as possible to help.
  5. Vanessa

    Vanessa Member

    Great, thanks Levi - they've sent me a presentation so I'll take a look at scaling down the vectors to fit that!
  6. DDDave

    DDDave Member

    I had some problems with JPEGs also cause JPEGs and PNGs are raster image files that will always pixelate, so you need to make the correct size off the original vector file. PDFs will be crisp so maybe that's an option? If you remove editing capabilities when saving to PDF it also keeps the file size down.

    It does sound like you are sending to many files to begin with though, but I only deal with small fry.
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