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Trim design review please

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
Beautiful design although the "Featured Designs" don't seem very "featured" if you get me? perhaps if there was a bit more vertical spacing between each element it might make them pop a bit more.

You may also want to consider pre-loading the different coloured logos on the front page so there's a reasonably small transition to each

Portfolio display is great although the categories are below the page fold so you might want to put them at the top :up:

"The Worlds Best Offroad.." image seems rather low quality. Quite a bit of pixelation on the text

Can't find any problems in the code :up:

On the whole though, very slick and a nice tidy portfolio :)


Senior Member
I mainly agree with Jimmy although I didn't notice any pixelation on my screen. The flash at the top could do with a label "featured projects" for example, so the fickle potential customer doesn't click away hastily as they think they've inadvertently come across an off roading website. Finally I think the blog would open in a new window. I think your websites and your projects are of an extremely high caliber and any advice here is merely nit picking.