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Track Film Logo


New Member
Looking for some feed back. I'm doing a logo for a startup who films racers and remanufactures porsche rotors, amond many other things. These are not NASCAR racers but more intermmediate racing. Demographic is male 35-60, wealthy, big spenders. Their big want is something sweet that people will like putting on the back of their car. The first concept I am finished with, but the 2nd (tachometer guage) is a work in progress....lots of things I know I would like to fix. Let me know what you think. Would love to hear some feedback. Thanks

"pure9" is the parent brand. They were interested in working that in somehow.



Staff member
Loving the odometer swing tag.

really like the retro feel to it which is both classic and current and I really like how you've tackled the "Pure 9" making it the mileage.