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TopMan Tshirts - removed from stores.

I wouldn't personally wear them but I don;t find them offensive. As you say political correctness gone crazy simply because it's a larger store. I have seen far worse on tshirts.

Paul Murray

Staff member
When I was an angst-ridden teenager that hated the world I used to have a t-shirt that said 'WANKERS' in huge lettering like Walkers crisps.

They didn't like that one much at college!

I don't see anything wrong with these to be honest.

Frankly I think t-shirts like these are important. They help you identify the blokes who are most likely to glass you in the face at the end of a night out.


Staff member
TBH, I can see why the 'you provoked me' has been pulled but the other one is ok.

It's always seems to be women of a certain age that complain about this sort of thing. Usually just after they've finished calling into the Wright Stuff and just before Loose Women starts...

Like Paul, I had t-shirts in my youth that would probably cause these PC fanatics to choke to death on their M&S cucumber sandwiches, and nobody minded back then so why should a tshirt with a bit of light hearted humour cause offence? bloody silly!..
I think Twitter is partly to blame for this as it makes it incredibly easy to complain about something, which can be a good thing if it is for a good cause (not in this case, its only a tshirt ffs!).