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Top 3 Favourite Movies

Just randomly thought I'd start a thread to find out what everyone's favourite 3 movies are. Mine are Inception, The Fall, and Garden State.

Anyone else feel like sharing?


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top 3 movies... not exactly the easiest thing to do so I'm doing top 5/10

No order:
  1. Last Samurai - ken watanbe is really good as katsumoto but it's Hiroyuki Sanada as Ujio (the samurai that beats up tom cruise in the rain) that keeps me going back.
  2. Twilight Samurai - Hiroyuki Sanada is the main actor in this.
  3. Fifth element - yes it's stupid but I've got a thing for jean paul gaultier's work and he designed and produced the costumes. The movie isn't actually that bad either.
  4. 13th Warrior - not sure why but I just enjoy watching it and to me that is more important than anything in a movie.
  5. Fast and Furious Series (no point splitting them up) - it's one of those movies you don't need to think about.
  6. The Crow City of Angels (2nd one) - I just think this is better than the first one which is still good. The ones that follow are not so good lol
  7. Final Fantasy Advent Children - some of the best CG animation I've seen in a movie.
  8. Appleseed Ex Machina - Appleseed is good too but this just beats it due to the style of rendering used in the animation.
  9. Taxi - the french films with the white peugot 405/6 taxi... stupidly unrealistic but thats why they're good :)
  10. V for Vendetta - natalie portman is a plus but it's how hugo weaving portrays V thats makes me include this
Tron Legacy is pretty good too, the sound track especially but it didn't make the list. Tim, are you watching the tron uprising tv series, it's kind of a 'filler' series between tron and legacy


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My Top 10:

The Last Samurai
Fight Club
Lord of the Rings
Sin City
Withnail & I
Jet Li's Fearless


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Midnight In Paris amazes me. There’s a great representation of the period between 1920 and
1930. But you’ll have to go through every single character if you don’t know them, to appreciate how
realistically Woody Allen has portrayed them.

So, if we are in 1922... tonight we’re around the streets of Paris sharing ideas with other artists
in wine bars…

The Belle Époque is also well portrayed, but that interests me less somehow.

Don’t pay any attention to the trailer; it doesn’t convey the film at all. And the poster
is rubbish too.
Mine would be:

Dont be a menice to south central while drinking your juice in the hood - it is a spoof of those 90's "living in the hood" movies, made by the Waynes brothers.
V for Vendetta - just because there is nothing better then seeing a goverment get what they deserve.
Insidious - as i looove being shocked lol
Top ten...amoungst others...

A Bridge too Far
The Wrath of Khan
Rise of The Planet of The Apes
The Man that would be King
You only Live Twice
Sin City
The Good the Bad and The Ugly
Mary and Max
Wallace and Gromit...The WereRabbit

All Pixar movies, Batman, Glory, Gettysburg, Amelie, Terry Gilliam movies, Tim Burton, Ridley Scott...etc depends on my mood.