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Top 25 SEO Myths You Should Know Before Optimizing Your Website

Discussion in 'SEO, Social Media & Online Marketing Forum:' started by rehan12, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. rehan12

    rehan12 New Member

    You might think you already know everything about search engine optimization process. Well, think again. Some of the things you know may just be myths. There are several SEO myths that webmasters and search engine optimizers still fail to recognise. What are the SEO myths? Here are the top 25:

    1. Search engine optimization can be performed just by anyone.
    2. SEO is only for those websites who sell products online.
    3. SEO companies can give their clients a guaranteed top ranking position.
    4. SEO gives an overnight result. You can optimize a website today and expect it rank high tomorrow.
    5. Build more links irregardless of the quality.
    6. It is fine to copy content from other websites and paste it on your own website.
    7. There is no need for you to write unique content for your website since you can just syndicate articles from directories.
    8. There is no need for further work after you have optimized your website.
    9. Search engine ranking is all that matters.
    10. The more links the better, quantity matters and not quality.
    11. There is no need for a website to be submitted to web directories.
    12. A website doesn’t need updated content.
    13. The search engines won’t know if you use black hat SEO techniques.
    14. Do it yourself SEO is better than hiring SEO professionals – can be true if you are an expert yourself.
    15. Web design doesn’t need to be optimized.
    16. The navigability of the website has no effect on its search engine ranking.
    17. The search engines must be prioritized than the target market.
    18. There is no need for testing, once a website is already optimized let it stay that way.
    19. Site visitors already know how to browse a website so don’t worry about usability.
    20. Flash is the best way to present your message.
    21. You can write anything that you want in your website content.
    22. There is no need for you to add keywords on the website content.
    23. Adding more large-file images on the website makes the site more appealing.
    24. It doesn’t matter if the website is slow to load, after all, there are now more broadband users than dial ups.
    25. Why still optimize a website when it can still be indexed by the search engines no matter what?

    These are the top 25 search engine optimization myths that both webmasters and search engine optimizer must be aware of. Some of them seem to be like a fact rather than a myth, so be very careful.
  2. bigdave

    bigdave Moderator Staff Member

    My musings:

    1. Why can't anyone do SEO? it's not like you have to be born with a special SEO gene that enables you to have the power of the search engine. It's something ANYONE can learn!
    5 + 10. The same point phrased differently
    6 + 7. Pretty much the same point.
    9. A matter of opinion rather than a myth
    21. Yes you can.... provided it doesn't, break the law, encourage racial hatred etc...
    25. Isn't that a question rather than a myth?
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  3. Edge

    Edge Active Member

    That's hilarious - the post is a carbon copy of this article - uuh isn't that contravening myth number 6?
  4. venusbrown

    venusbrown New Member

    Very well stated. The biggest myth is "Search engine optimization can be performed just by anyone."
    Agree till some extent that earlier it wasn't such a difficult task to rank a website, But with so many algo's and updates, its not everyone's cup of tea anymore. You need to be professional and smart while implementing the tactics on your website. Any technique may do harm rather than good for you.
  5. Edge

    Edge Active Member

    Nonsense. It's not about algos and techniques - we're not in the 1990s anymore. It's about writing amazing content.
  6. venusbrown

    venusbrown New Member

    Are you kidding me?
    So you mean to say just be writing "amazing content", you'll be able to beat movers and shakers and rank all your websites? If thats true please explain me with examples.

    P.S. - Quality content is an essentail element to rank but there are other factors like links, social media etc which contribute equally.
  7. Edge

    Edge Active Member

  8. Asher ross

    Asher ross New Member

    Hi, Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful update.

    VLAHAKISA Member

    Near anyone with half a brain can do seo and achieve good results. It's not that difficult once you learn the main basics.

    Here is a DIY guide that I direct all my clients to; DIY Search Engine Optimisation. It's not 'just' about great content no, if only it were :'( Life would be so much easier.

  10. richimgd

    richimgd Member

    It seems there are so many conflicting methods of how to achieve good search rankings.
    I think ultimately its:
    - Write good, relevant and original content.
    - Make your website usable and designed to be ready by people first, then search engines second.
    - Then not to break any of the numerous bad SEO rules and follow the general guidelines most people talk about with SEO

    So yep, it seems they're are some other conflicting opinions by some of the experts out there. I think anything trying to 'trick' the search algorythm is going to fail as the algorythms get updated to be even smarter. Instead efforts should be spent on making good quality content. Guess only Google will truly know how their search algorithm works...!
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  11. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    I think you are spot on there richimgd.
  12. richardjmeek

    richardjmeek New Member

    SEO Is like a game of risk, knowing where to place your pieces, creating the right alliances, and a bit of good luck with the dice.
  13. Edge

    Edge Active Member

    Does that mean if you are Australia your SEO will always get you on page 1?

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