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To Parp Wheezily on One's own Trumpet.


I am a 26 year old graphic designer from Nottingham in the United Kingdom.
Recently spat out by the University to fend for myself in the big-wide world.
Work freelance at the moment by taking the overspill jobs of design companies
in my hometown. I also make various works for posterity
and procrastinate a lot, usually in the form of compulsive tea-making.

I love typography above all and most of what I do is typographical in nature.
My No.1 Hero in the design world would have to be Saul Bass. But Jonathan
Barnbrook comes in a very close second. I resonate with his opinions and
most of my design reflects such opinions.

Hope to have lots of creative fun with you all.


Senior Member
You're just out of University, and I'm still planning on going back lol.

I think you'll enjoy it here, lots of Typography lovers here, welcome to DF James.
XD James Random...liking the name! Nothing wrong with tooting your own horn FYI XD...that's part of being a professional