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To keep or not to keep iMac? buying a MBP 15" anyway.


Junior Member
Hey guys, just want your thoughts on what setup to have?

I am going to be buying a MacBook Pro as I need to update my Vaio that is pretty much useless. And as I fly out of the country a lot I want to take my work with me.

I am looking to buy a MBP 15"/ i7 /2.66ghz/ 500gb HD and 512GB graphics. I currently have a top end glossy iMac 24" which is a year old .

the 2 questions are:

1.) Should I sell the iMac and get a Cinema Display to hook the MBP to when at home? (bearing in mind the MBP will have to do all the work?)
Keep the iMac as well as having a MBP? fail to gain any money from the sale of the iMac but instead have a fully functional home computer as well as 1TB HD at my disposal for future backups etc...? the only problem will be how pedantic I am in wanting to sync and transfer files from each!?

2.) Should I purchase the Glossy or Matte screen for the MBP?
- Does anyone have experience and/or preference? I know the Glossy Vs. Matte is a long running debate, but nevertheless the more I look into it the harder the choice is for me! (Will be going back to another Apple Store to look over them again though).

I am a frequent visitor of MacRumours.com but would love to hear what some of you guys in the design trade think?


I personally prefer the Matte screen for the MBP but thats just me :)

As for the iMac.. i'd sell that and get a Cinema Display :) unless you use the iMac for anything specific (like family machine etc).


Staff member
Personally I always like to have a spare pc (would be the same with a mac too) just in case one fails so I say keep the imac - my work is backed a nas while I'm working so as long as I have the software installed (or can install it quickly) I'm good to go.


Junior Member
Well I just purchased extended Apple Care on iMac for another 2 years as well, so keeping the iMac is probably best for now, I can always make adjustments down the road. The most important thing is getting a new laptop for when I am on the move, just need to decide on the screen! grrr!