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To ALL designers, help me out!!

Hey everyone..
I have been trying to promote my work and gain feedback for a while now but it seems as if no one's interested in helping a dude out nowadays!
I'm trying to burst into the industry and get a 90k a year job now! But until that presents itself i'd like some honest feedback on my work from some true creatives, just to see what working or offending everyone!
My portfolio album will be up in two winks!!

Thanks All!!

Andre Sinclair-Maddix
ASM Designs


Senior Member
Well first of all, this is the introductions forum. So welcome :p

But since you're so eager, I looked up your work real quick. Basically your 3D text looks nice, but is far from impressive; for all I know it was made in Xara, and if not there are a few easy tutorials out there. Besides the text you don't seem to have a very good eye for color or composition. So perhaps you should set the bar a little lower; because nobody bursts into the industry and takes a 90k a year job (nobody bursts into the industry at all actually).