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Tips for Designers Who Don’t Code


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Here are a few tips collated to help designers who don’t code.;);)o_Oo_O

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Lets not take a look at it until you give us an actual web address link rather than a shortened google link


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why are you using a promotion/campaign web address rather than just the direct address which would not include all of the associated 'tracking' at the end... which I've removed.
Only time shortened urls are appropriate is when you cannot hyperlink text, and have a list, but that's not the case here, you can hyperlink text, and so the editor is a WYSIWYG editor, so no reason not to just link the full original links.

And when shortened links are approriate, such as on YouTube descriptions, only use trustworthy shortners. I always use Google's on YouTube for obvious reasons because Google. But again, on a forum/website/blog in general that you can hyperlink text, it's unneeded.