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Tinterweb Connections


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What speed are you rolling at?

Me, I've just canceled my BT 8meg as I'm moving house soon; so am having to go to the hotel next door to my flat and buy a becks vier @ £4 a pint to get 24hrs of 10mbps wifi in my living room.

Bad times!


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lol that's expensive! why dont you just buy some water?

and it's powerful here. but then again i'm the only one using my interwebs here now anyway.

dunno exact figures.


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Not sure, I feel compelled to buy into the whole 4% pint thing, I laughed when i first saw the Carlsberg 4% thing and said what's the point but this becks vier thing is really going big; a lot of people are drinking it and I haven't noticed any big marketing ploy... I guess they like the look of the pump.


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It tastes better than becks,,, so people who used to drink becks now seem to drink it, though its weaker and still not as nice as alot of drinks


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I'm running as fast as my area can go, 8meg down and 832kb up, no download limits/port throttling etc on a fixed ip for very very little expense :). I usually get around 650Kb/s download if the server is good as my exchange is in the middle of nowhere and BT are cheapskates.

I just wish BT would get their arses in gear and roll out their adsl 2+ in my area (expected 2011 last time I checked) as I should get a nice 16meg+ assuming my isp upgrades me and I get enough capacity at my exchange.

Tom Sound

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I get about 3meg, miles away from the exchange, but when I first got it it was plugged into 2 telephone extension cables and was getting about half a meg tops. Didn't realise what difference it made. Sky, £5 per month


using Virgin Broadband.. not great, not terrible.. does the job.. just has trouble with streaming iPlayer from time to time :)


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Anyone else see/hear the news about UK broadband speeds?

Britain's broadband networks are lagging behind most European neighbours including Bulgaria and Latvia in terms of quality, a study said today.

The report, by IT giant Cisco, ranked the UK's systems 31st out of 66 countries and found they were currently 'meeting needs for today'.

But they were well behind technologically-advanced Japan and South Korea, whose broadband systems are already rated 'ready for tomorrow'.


its not surprising as we are still using copper wire in some parts of the country and on some of the exchanges :eek:
chrismitchell said:
its not surprising as we are still using copper wire in some parts of the country and on some of the exchanges :eek:
Yep :(

Gotta love living right by the exchange but getting fluctuating ~2-6meg of an alleged "8meg connection"