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Time to grab your balls boys!


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At 5.28pm I found out that a friend of mine lost his battle against cancer.

18 months ago Paul went to the docs with a swollen bollock and was told it was a probable STI. After a trip to the GU clinic he found out the swollen ball wasn't the issue but it was the other sack that was a problem and it was cancer!!

Despite every medical effort, numerous bouts of chemo, radiotherapy and surgery, the cancer spread, and by November 2011 it was also in his lungs, liver, neck and in the node between the aorta and vena cava.

Paul died in his sleep on weds 7th march 2012. He never even saw his 30th birthday.

Please don't feel obliged to reply to this with messages of sympathy. I didn't post this for that reason and when all's said and done there's nothing I can do to save my friends life. But a quick fumble in the shower could save yours!
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