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Tim vs Greg



so many LOL's in one thread... soon the LOLcats will come and demand a royalty fee :p :lol:

oh and LOL :p


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I wonder how often people use LOL for no reason... I think I almost only use it when I really laugh/chuckle/smile when reading whatever the other person wrote. Of course sometimes you just have to pretend that the other guy is extremely funny but other than that...

My problem is that I use … a lot, and unnecessary smileys (although the latter is slightly improving :p)
I quite like comedian Tim Minchins idea of using MAS instead, meaning Mildly Amused Smirk. His logic being that most people use LOL when actually they are just smirking in amusement.

I tried to bring it to the masses but people keep making me explain what it means which makes it a rather time consuming abbreviation.

MAS :)


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I like MAS, I think we should try and get that to catch on, at least on DF!
I always find myself typing "lol" in pure silence, so not all that accurate! :)
Absolutely, it's far more accurate in my case anyway as I rarely find myself laughing out loud at the things I write or read online.

So how should we start this campaign to get MAS used as the favoured abbreviation for something humourous? Bearing in mind once it catches on on DF we'll have to expand our sights to the world! MAS :)