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Tim & the Giant Apple


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haha, thanks Greg :)

well, i found out first off that i got through to the final 20 of a few hundreds applicants, so even if I don't get to the second interview, i'm still proud of myself and it made me feel like I was doing something right.

i can't say what went on at the interview, nor what we were told, i am under a secrecy contract with Apple!

but i will tell you this; there were a lot of douchebags.

three or four people of the final 20 there knew nothing about what Macs were, nor what Apple really stood for, nor what they were looking to achieve.

when asked which software they had some experience in on a Mac, they replied:

"my sister is a graphic designer, so i watched her play on Adobe CS4"
"i'm very capable in iTunes, system preferences and finder."


they came to an interview at Apple, to sell Apple products, as an Apple specialist, knowing nothing about Apple!!!!!

when i was asked "why do you want to work at apple, and what do your friends describe you as" i said confidently and plainly:

"my friends mainly comment on my humour and honesty, and that is something i want to bring into being an Apple Specialist, as i know that when you come to apple with a question or a problem they always give you the right answer and tell you what's-what."

The other questions I got asked are like, secret, and stuff, but i answered to the point and confidently, as well as linking in what Apple said they wanted in the candidate originally.

oh, but there's one more thing. when asked "any more questions", one replied:

"when will we get taught about what the products do?"
"when a new product comes out how long is training before we start selling it?"

i sound like an arsehole right now, don't i :p point is, i think i did okay, a lot better than i thought i'd do. there were some genuine candidates there, and there were some reasonably stupid candidates too! hopefully they see through all that and recognise who has the most potential, even if that turns out not to be me :)


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Well, they obviously chatted shit through their CVs to get through.

the people that sucked relied on sucking up to the recruiters, but i'll never know whether they'll see past that or not. :\

sorry, i babble. your simple replies vs. my 500 word reply :p

still no email off Apple yet :(


congrats Timbo :) just remember who your friends are when you get the staff discount card ;)


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there's an easy way through that tbwcf - say it did it itself. i dropped my macbook on the floor and the plastic came up and basically f*cked the cd-drive up, but i got a free repair bceause i said it did it automatically! :D


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it was done ages ago.... was £180 otherwise.

and interview is tuesday @ 6. this time ill remember my keys so that i dont have to go to York to make sure i'm not on the streets all night :p