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Thumbnail Advertising

Hi Guys.

I just wanted to get your feedback on an advert that I created for Better Business Search?

Tell me what you think:)

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id3rsF9iuRE"]Thumbnail Advertising - Better Business Search - YouTube[/ame]

I don't really get what you offer from that video... The type is off nearly every time... Music is a little tedious... Last image is awful! The screen shots look a bit random, I thought you were going somewhere with the iPad but you didn't.

To be constructive - you really need to explain what you're offering, why you, for who and where. Once you nail that, you can build on it with more details. Also work on the type and imagery and music.
Its a similar idea to the million dollar homepage. Basically businesses pay to have advertising space on the website. I didnt realise the video wasn't clear, is the website?
Unfortunately you wouldn't get a second chance to explain your business most of the time. I get the concept but to be honest, I don't see it working.

Its main flaw is simple: Your site aims to advertise a lot of companies in all different industries, but why will all of their end users come to your website and hunt through the logos to find one they may be interested in? It's a bit like minesweeper... I wouldn't pay the random price of £4.17 pm to compete on a site that isn't marketed in the areas that I'm interested in.

You might be able to make a few quid from this, but to be honest you'll be conning them out of their money. Sorry to be harsh, but sometimes it's best to give up on a bad idea and use your resources on something else.
It was more of an experiment. My main aim was to learn wordpress and this idea just came along with it.

I have tried to market it to creative agencies mainly, and the concept has worked in the past at million dollar home page and tired mouse etc (pixel advertising).

But I do understand where you are coming from.
The only way this will work is by traffic, even then it will still be a novelty site.

Thanks for the feeback.
This is a difficult one. Honestly, it does look a bit rushed and unprofessional. The music does get annoying. However, on the plus side if that is all the company needs than so be it. Perhaps, instead of the music there could be a voice over explaining the business concept? Good Luck,