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Threadless - Permanent T-Shirt Design Competition



I was just wondering if anyone from the forum has ever submitted a t-shirt design to the online competition over at Threadless.

Its cool way to cut your teeth if your looking for some honest feedback on your work (even if this is a bit harsh at times). Plus the prizes are pretty awesome too.

If you've not seen it before make sure you check it out at www.threadless.com.


Active Member
Dot Design said:
Funny you should say that Lee I currently have a TShirt design over there at :
Threadless T-Shirts - Bird Watching
Looks good Gareth, got a certain Twitter like trendy-ness to it! As one of the comments mentioned a hand drawn font would have looked cool too. Best of luck with it :up:

Let us know how it gets on!

alynthomashodgson said:
I did one once, it did okay - didn't get printed though.
What vote/score did you end up with Tom? Can imagine they get far, far more entries than will ever get printed.