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Thoughts on straplines and acronyms?


I am doing some work for an organisation and I am trying to persuade them to drop the acronym explanation currently under the logo. The reason for this is the brand has been going for around 25 years, the logo mark is strong on it's own, and the brand as a whole should explain what the organisation does. There is also a problem with accessibility, the acronym is 'lesbian and gay lawyers' so the logo will not reduce down to a smaller size without this being lost.

Please see the attached file as an example, I advised the client on number 3. I also purchased the font the logo was created with and used this as the strapline font for 'North East'. The reason this has come about is because the North East branch I work with want to appear as their own division and the London office are being difficult about it. I won't go into everything (the North East have a very good proposal as to why they want North East under their logo for sponsorship purposes etc) as my main question is:

What are your thoughts on straplines and acronym explanations been under an established logo?


Paul Murray

Staff member
I'd have to disagree with you to be honest. Whilst I see your point on the strapline size, "lesbian and gay lawyers" is a very strong selling point, especially as it's aimed at a market that often face discrimination and therefore actively seek out like-minded individuals.

"LAGLA North East" literally tells me nothing about the company, but "Lesbian and Gay Lawyers" tells me everything I ned to know about the company. It's honest and it's open, and if I were a gay man looking for a lawyer I'd wager they would represent my interests 100%, especially if I were seeking advice on discrimination. Plus they've been going strong for 25 years. I actually think dropping their strapline would have a negative effect on their brand.

Honestly if I were you'd I probably be looking at a way to drop LAGLA and actually give the strapline the emphasis, since that line alone tells you everything you need to know about the company.
Hi Paul, thanks for your reply and advice. Really helpful and I agree. I've been having more of a think and doing more research on it this morning. I am going to look at options of changing the lock up and look at moving the strapline to the side of the logo, so that it can still accommodate North East without two lines of text underneath the logo. This will also give more flexibility in terms of size.

I really like the LAGLA logo, as it is visually strong with the G & L interlocking, the rest of the brand materials I am working on have further emphasis on the vision.