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Thoughts on my new website design?


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Hello all,

Haven't posted on here for months - unfortunately i've been preoccupied with uni coursework and the lark. Anyway, over the past month or two I have been working on a project aside from the stuff that I am doing for uni. This is an evolution of the website I created and posted about before. While the final details surrounding this project's concept are being finalised, I thought I would share some screenshots of the website design so that I can get some feedback and constructive criticism.

None of the images below are screenshots of a working website, it's all just images i'm afraid. I have shown these images to a few close friends already and the main criticism they had was that it lacked colour and a bit of personality. Since then i've tried to update it with a bit of colour but i've been trying to stick to use one colour for each area of the site (and mainly just for the links). I always tend to go for the more monochrome look as every time i've used a colour palette, it's ended up looking a bit childish and tough on the eyes.

Secondly, one of the main design constraints with this project was to make it so that it can work with different backgrounds (more on that in a sec). To do this, i've made the majority of the layout slightly transparent. The first image below shows a sample of this (the rest display the default background). The reason that I wanted to incorporate this feature is because the site will allow users to have their own mini-blog pages, and it was done to allow them to use their own background images.

Please excuse any little problems you may find dotted around these images. Parts of it were quickly rushed due to lack of time. Once I gather enough feedback I will update the layout to create the final version, before I begin to code it.

Anyway, I'll let you view the images now. Please provide any feedback/criticism you can. It's all appreciated :)


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User Profile/Mini-Blog


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Haha. Yeah, the name of the project does tie in with bees, which should explain the honeycomb background and example images. We just don't have a logo ready yet.